Selected Paper Works

Ladder for Athena   1986  46” x 47” Exhibited American Craft Museum Benefit Auction 1986 free-cast abaca and cotton paper pigmented in the pulp  The Archive contains a selection of a few of the paper works made over the past thirty years. It is roughly divided into categories listed on the links to the left and are somewhat chronological. Sometimes, a category reflects a change in technique. The Garden series pieces are later poured works and the Ladder series are mostly free-cast. There are marks and symbols that have been worked into the Ladder series and ladder forms worked into the Color Fields works.  The Free-Form Collaged work of the early eighties are early free-cast works as is the Faults and Fissures series which started early in my papermaking endeavor.  I termed the word free-cast to describe my casting process, where there is no mold, and the pulp is free to be pushed and manipulated. Although these papermaking techniques and processes have evolved over time, they are still just tools in the artists’ repertoire and may still all be used in a year’s work.