Ladder Series

In 1982 I started working with the horizontal stripe, building a progression of hue and value changes using abaca and cotton fiber. This configuration of free cast paper led to a series of many works we called “ladders”. “Heavens Ladder” was selected by the American Craft Museum in New York, for “Making Paper”, the first east coast comprehensive show of American papermakers. It is in the collection of the Museum of Art and Design in New York. “Descending Angel” toured the United States in a show called Poetry of the Physical, opening at the new American Craft Museum in New York, a show of works by 279 American craft artists. The ladder has a special significance for me. It is a path to higher ground or a higher plain. I have climbed ladders all my life both physically and metaphysically, as perhaps you have. In this series I have enjoyed exploring the chemistry of color and the color of aspiration.